San Antonio Putting Greens

Artificial Grass Golf Greens

Does your artificial turf offer realistic performance at San Antonio golf courses?

San Antonio Putting Greens

There should be no compromises when it comes to your golf game. That’s why Southwest Greens provides realistic artificial grass solutions for golf courses throughout San Antonio. Our turf looks, feels and reacts just like natural sod at courses nationwide to offer the best golf experience available. Our design and installation services are customized for your budget and specific needs to help create the most cost-effective solution for all commercial golf courses.

Realistic Performance & Appearance

A consistent surface is needed for the optimal golf experience. Unfortunately, natural sod can’t always offer that due to inclement weather, maintenance requirements and heavy foot traffic. Our artificial grass is different. Southwest Greens offers a durable alternative to real grass that holds up to these traditional challenges. Our exclusive line of putting and golf greens combines different textures to mimic fringe and smooth surfaces that are necessary to get the perfect shot.

Members at your club will appreciate the consistency across the board that comes with a custom installed putting green or course solution. Even after heavy rain fall or on a busy Sunday afternoon, members can expect the exact same performance as the last time they played on your course. Our durable materials do not require long hours of rest between uses and our products feature high drainage rates to keep rain water off the surface.

Low-Maintenance Solutions

Landscaping costs take up a large portion of your budget, especially when all eighteen holes are covered with natural grass. Artificial putting greens cut back on the time and cost of maintenance because very little is required. Our artificial golf grass never needs to be watered, mowed or trimmed. Our golf systems are installed at the perfect height for optimal game performance with every swing.

The expert designers at Southwest Greens San Antonio bring all their knowledge and experience to create the perfect landscape for your golf course, country club or even your backyard. We developed an industry-leading design process in partnership with Nicklaus Design to create world-class courses of any size. Request your free design consultation today!