Turf and Grass
Turf and Grass

Artificial Grass Lawns

Natural-looking Synthetic Grass Design and Installation for Your Home or Office in San Antonio, Texas

Throughout San Antonio, artificial lawns have grown immensely popular – and for good reason! Synthetic grass offers the look and feel of natural grass without expensive, time-consuming maintenance. Your artificial lawn will remain lush and green regardless of heat, rain or heavy foot traffic. Southwest Greens San Antonio has introduced home and business owners alike to the benefits of this low-maintenance alternative to natural grass and can do the same for you.

Our artificial turf, which is made from the finest materials, can simplify your weekend schedule by eliminating routine yard work. You can install our artificial turf indoors or outdoors, either as a lawn replacement or to create your ideal backyard putting greens. We can design and install artificial turf for playground areas, apartment buildings, homes, commercial areas, and more.

A synthetic grass lawn can transform your backyard and improve your livelihood. Some of the benefits you’ll receive include:

  • Low Maintenance: Our synthetic turf never needs to be watered or mowed to maintain a perfectly green lawn. Put away your lawn tools and enjoy more time with loved ones on your beautiful backyard.
  • Weather Resistance: Regardless of what the weather brings, your turf lawn will be able to last through the years. High heat, rain and sleet stand no chance against our artificial grass.
  • High Drainage Rates: After heavy rain, our synthetic grass will drain faster than natural grass. This eliminates puddles and mud spots that would otherwise build up in your backyard. As soon as the sun is out, your yard will be ready for use.
  • Environmentally Friendly: All our artificial turf lawns are built from 100 percent recyclable materials. Additionally, harmful chemicals used in lawn products will never have to be used.
  • Child and Pet Safe: Our turf is soft in order to provide a safe env

Regardless of the slopes and contours of the space you want to upgrade, our experts in construction, design and installation will work with you to find the perfect solution for you. Your new synthetic turf lawn will be installed within a week. We offer a variety of different styles of turf so that your backyard fits all your needs and expectations.

A natural looking lawn 365 days a year is within your reach! To get your free green consolation or to see how a San Antonio artificial grass yard can benefit you, contact us today.